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Visited a beautiful old house and grounds in the Turners Hill , Crawley Down area.

July 2017

Mister Mole and his friends have been very active during this part of the Summer through the Surrey, Sussex and Kent area I cover.

August 2017 Amazing bag of Moles

Caught 26 moles over a couple of weeks in the Lingfield , Newchapel area, and these were all in someone’s back lawn!  Although admittedly their lawn was a cool six acres.

September 2017  A vole in a mole hole

This month I spent some time working in the grounds of a large private school in the Turners Hill area. On examining the mole’s tunnels I found a live vole that was obviously sharing the tunnel that had already been dug by the mole.

October 2017 Coming up for air?

Working in the Crawley Down / Copthorne area and a client wanted to know if the mole made molehills when he came up for air!