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Rather wet and windy molecatching in Forest Row and Hartfield yesterday My dufus tunnel traps get very muddy in these sort of conditions. They need a good rinsing after use!

A quiet day today . Many of my mole tunnels were literally flowing with water when I checked them today at a site in Dormansland (Near Lingfield).It still surprises me that moles are prepared to travel in their tunnels when they are awash with water. This must make the moles cold and some of them must drown , especially after sudden heavy showers.

I am off work today and may go over to Crawley to see a friend. He is a decorator and doesn’t share the same interest I have in molecatching.

Someone asked me today how long moles can live. The answer is ‘about 2 or 3 years if they are lucky! A 4-year old mole is considered very old, and the oldest ever recorded was 7 years. I expect the mole had grey whiskers by then!