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Dick Clark – Specialist Molecatcher

Expert Mole Control With A No Mole No Fee Service - eastgrinsteadmoles.co.uk
The Guild of British Molecatchers

Dick Clark

Experienced Specialist Fully-Trained Professional Molecatcher

Dick lives in East Grinstead West Sussex and is available for service in Sussex, Surrey and West Kent. Small and large sites undertaken including Private Gardens, Golf Courses, Farms, Sports Pitches and Schools.


Only humane traps are used. These are made for professional use which ensures the moles are killed instantly. After locating the main run that the mole is using a trap is carefully placed, then as the mole passes through the trap it will be killed quickly and humanely.

“Be assured that I work on a no catch no fee basis”

All work is fully insured and undertaken by Dick, who is a Member of The Guild of British Molecatchers and was featured in a recent Sussex Life Magazine article.

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Get in Touch

If you are experiencing problems with moles and would like to find out more about my mole control service then please feel free to call or email me. I work 7 days a week in all-weather to ensure your garden or land is Mole free.

For all enquiries please call Dick Clark on 01342 325038 or on Mobile: 07828 725046 • You can also email info@eastgrinsteadmoles.co.uk – or use the form below to get in touch.

Mole Catching

I do regular work at Horne Park Golf Club in Godstone, Hickstead and various farms and stately homes. I also work as a molecatcher at the prestigious Worth School and Abbey where, for over five years my services have been highly valued. They have an extremely large (550 acre) site which is both complex and varied for mole catching, however I am also happy to work on small sites such as private gardens, where there may only be a single mole.

Mole in a hole

Ten interesting facts about moles :

  1. A mole can move 800 times their own body weight of soil in 24 hours!
  2. They can live their whole life underground, without breaking surface.
  3. To survive they need to eat about 2/3 of their body weight in a day to survive.
  4. I have heard of a mole making over 20 mole hills in a single day.
  5. They are incredibly strong. If a man had the same strength for his size he could lift a 4 ton elephant.
  6. The oldest recorded mole lived for 7 years. It is rare for a mole to live longer than 4 years.
  7. There are about 60M people in the UK and about 45M moles.
  8. The mole’s tunnel system is a bit like our road network and in theory  you could go from one end of the country to the other by mole tunnel.
  9. Moles live in most parts of the UK but there are none in Ireland.
  10. About 98% of a mole’s diet is worms. Yummee!

captured mole

Based in East Grinstead